Friday, October 11, 2013

My Official Statement with regards to reports of me contesting for the MIC VP post

I've been told that there are a few news reports published with regards to my intention to contest for the MIC VP post. I shall address the issue once and for all here, and I do hope no other false news reports will be published after this as it is not fair for the readers to be fed with false information.

I stress that the decision about me contesting for the MIC VP post is not and will never be up to me. This lies entirely in the hands of the party president. As a member of MIC, it is my duty to abide by the President’s decisions and as such, I will abide by whatever decision the president makes with regards to contesting for the MIC VP post.

Also, certain quarters have been claiming that I have met Dr. Subra to obtain blessings in order for me to contest for the MIC VP post. This is far from the truth as it has been quite some time since I met Dr. Subra.
In any event news reports are to be published about me in the future, please feel free to contact me anytime to confirm the actual facts as I’m always available to answer your queries.

Thank you.


  1. If the decision is not up to you, why do you even contest for an election? This is merely proving that you want to be the "president's man" and I find it very pathetic. Have a spine please.

  2. Thanks for your views Sir as i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views. My view is slightly different in the sense that for me, unity in the party outweighs all other purposes. My duty in MIC is to serve the community, and i shall contest in positions in deem suitable when the time is right.