Tuesday, January 12, 2010

" Continue to Study Dream Comes true"

-Ms.Kalaivani Subramaniam, a 2nd year Business Management student from University Utara Malaysia recently seeked help from me to continue her studies.

-Her father passed away recently and due to that she has some financial problems to continue her studies.

-Her father used to give her RM100 weekly for food,transport and etc. After the death of her father,she has no one else to offer the amount.

-Her mother is a housewife and no relatives are well enough to help her out.

- I contacted Mr.Paul (MIC chairman bukit chedang) and MR.Jeeva(MIC chairman Taman Guru), and they both agreed to join me to help the girl continue her studies.

- I have told the girl that we will help her monthly until she get her degree but in one condition that she has to show us her result every semester.

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