Sunday, January 31, 2010

TAXI Drivers Losing Income

-On the 28.1.10,I and YB Dato Mohan met with few taxi drivers from Port Dickson.
-They were telling me that they are having very less business nowdays due to New Bus service from the port.
-The taxi drivers were losing all thier passengers due to the bus service there.
-They taxi drivers told me that last time they were earning nearly rm100 a day but due to the bus service, they were only earning rm20 perday.
-They also told me that they cant find other job because the only job that they know is driving taxi.
-I assured them that, we will find a solution to this and will bring this matter to JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN (JPJ) and LEMBAGA PERLESENAN KENDERAAN PERDAGANGAN (LPKP).

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