Sunday, January 31, 2010


-On the 27.1.10, I visited Labu 1 Tamil school which part of the school block were destroyed by fire on the 23.12.2009
-Accordin to the headmaster Mr.Jacob, the school block which were destroyed consist of 4 classrooms.
-He also told me that few officers from the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Sembilan visited the school on 23.12.2009 had assured him that 2 long cabin will be sent as momentary classrooms for the childrens. Then on the 4.1.2010, Pengarah Pendidikan Negeri Sembilan had visited the school and promised to send the cabins and construct the burned blocks.
-Until now there is no sight of cabins in the school and the students were all cramped up in 4 classrooms of another block.
-I quickly told the Headmaster not to worry,then and there i ordered for 2 new cabins furnished with airconds,tables and chairs to be sent to the school by the 2.02.2010.
-I have also told this to YB Dato S.Subramaniam and he will be visiting this school on the 9.02.2010
-Once YB Dato has visited the school, MIC NS will urge YB Dato to bring this matter to the goverment to build a new block for the school swiftly.